The Best Home Security System with Military Grade Artificial Intelligence.

Wazo is only a few months away from being in your home so we are  excited to invite you to join our private community of smart-home homeowners to experience the never-before-seen artificial intelligence  home safety surveillance system.

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Weapon Recognition

When an intruder breaks into your home Wazo will scan the subject and look for dangerous weapons like guns and knives then alert you and the authorities automatically with those details, including the number of intruders and their location within your home. Can your home security system do that ?

Fall Recognition

Falling accidents are the second leading cause of accidental deaths  at ~ 600,000 per year. When grandma or grandpa falls Wazos' artificial intelligence can recognize it then alerts you  and/or emergency services immediately. Details of the event are beamed directly to your phone. Wazo is not just home security, its home safety.

Facial Recognition

Wazos' artificial intelligence mimics human vision with  "camera vision" by connecting to your surveillance cameras to recognize yourself and even friends and family. Anyone that's not friends and family will be flagged by Wazo.