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Facial/Vehicle Recognition

Wazo is the most advanced A.i. commercially available. It recognizes over 10,000 objects and knows friends and family from strangers.  This is a supercomputer on your countertop. 

Fall Detection

Wazo is the only smart home device capable of detecting falls. Not only does Wazo protect your home from intruders, it also protects the people in your home. 


Never Arm Your System Again

Wazo is designed with a higher level of intelligence. This means small hassles such as arming your system are a thing of the past. Just effortless security for you and your family.


Home Safety

Wazo has the ability to connect to over 240 smart devices. This means that any smart camera, sensor, or other devices can be connected and controlled through the Wazo app. 



With our simple and easy to use web and mobile app, you can monitor your house from anywhere. With smart features such as facial recognition, you'll know right away if someone is home that shouldn't be. 

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Wazo Artificial Intelligence

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